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Useful information about our cycling and walking tour offers

Useful information for your activity tours

On our walking and cycling tours you are neither tied to a specific date nor to a certain travel group. You can cycle or hike with your special partner, your family or with friends and acquaintances. For groups we offer both individual and guided tours with proficient Augustus Tours guides. We can organise your whole tour for you including the selection of suitable accommodation. Whilst you take in the natural beauty and cultural treasures of the towns and villages along your route, we will be busy transporting your luggage to your next place of accommodation. We’ll obviously also make sure that your rental bicycle is suitably adjusted to your requirements. Augustus Tours provides a complete all-round active tour service.

The Active Tours team takes both pleasure and care in mounting their wheeled steeds or donning their walking boots in order to test out the exciting components which will go on to make up your next tour. The local knowledge gained is applied during the tour planning process, thereby ensuring that your tour is a unique experience.

AugustusTours – Your specialist for striking cycling tour programmes

Enjoy nice cycling tours in Germany

Our specialist experience in the field of walking and cycling tours dates back to 1997, so why not let us whisk you away to Germany’s most picturesque riverside cycle paths and Saxony’s breathtaking walking routes.

Take to the saddle and enjoy the delights of the Elbe, Danube or Moselle River Cycle Path. Futhermore we offer other destinations such as the Lake Constance, the Main, Lahn and Altmuehl River as well as at the Baltic Sea.

Full service for spectacular walking tour programmes

Enjoy nice walking tours in SaxonyOur walking tours are specially designed to satisfy your individual requests and requirements. To enable you to set yourself a challenge without overtaxing yourself, we offer you alternative routes in your travel itinerary. This allows you to plan your daily tours individually. We will organise your whole tour, select suitable accommodation and provide you with information on interesting excursions and places that you can visit.

If you would prefer to lace up your walking boots and take to the hills, why not try the Malerweg in Saxon Switzerland or the Witches Trail in Harz Mountains? For more information, either leaf through our package tours or ask us for an individual itinerary tailored to the requirements of your cycling or walking group.

Images sources:
Bicycle infront of a sun set © Anna Martha,
Hikers in Saxony © TVV