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Electric bicycles as rental bikes for your bike tour

Interesting fact about renting an e-bike during your cycle tour

E-bike with pannierRenting bicycles for transportation when travelling is often a good option. If in any case you still hesitate to rent a bike due to doubts concerning comfort or suitability, we would like to reassure you. Our own rental bikes, e-bikes as well as our partner organisers’ bicycles are brand name bikes of high quality and have been selected according to the bicyclists’ needs.

Nowadays, more and more people use e-bikes and their use is no longer seldom to see. The electric auxiliary drive supports the cyclists’ pedaling especially on steep routes. The bikes are lightweight and thus their transportation is easy to handle. E-bikes bring along many advantages, which turn your travel into a very comfortable and less exhausting experience. In the following, we introduce to you the easy handling of e-bikes:

1. Charging the battery

Removing, charging and inserting the battery is not difficult at all. Detailed instructions and information concerning charging and using the battery are included in the travel documents you will receive prior to your journey.

2. Starting the e-bike

Where to charge the battery of you rental e-bike

Use the "Power" button on the handlebar-mounted control panel to switch motor support on. When the electric bicycle is turned on all three LEDs will remain illuminated for 2-3 seconds. Do not pedal or rest your feet on the pedals during this period. Do not pedal when switching motor support on or off. Use the "mode" arrows to vary the amount of motor support provided. The e-bike provides four levels of support. The mode button can also be used while cycling – thus enabling you to tailor the amount of support provided to your personal requirements.

3. Tipps for riding an e-bike

E-bike displayIn order to make it easier for you and your e-bike, choose the lowest of the offered gears when starting (just like driving a car: Choose the lower gears for starting and the higher gears for acceleration). Upshift smoothly during acceleration phase until you reach the desired final speed.

Keep the handlebars as straight as possible when starting off. Bicycles with front-mounted motors can sometimes steer incorrectly when the handlebars are turned in on smooth or unpaved surfaces, which can sometimes lead to falls.

Further tips for the right handling with your rental e-bike

  • Rental e-bike of BBF GenfSave electricity! How to ensure efficient use of your e-bike battery: Pedelecs generally allow you to choose between three support modes. This means that you do not have to use the highest support mode all the time. When in doubt, switch down to a lower mode. Example: Mode 1 is generally sufficient when cycling through flat terrain. When motor support is active you may even find yourself braking more than pedalling. Play around with the various support options available – you will soon work out which type of support you need and when.
  • Duration of the battery: The duration of the battery depends on various factors such as wind, body weight or road conditions.
  • Attention – sun: Never leave the e-bike in direct sunlight (e.g. during a break, etc.) as the battery, display and sensor can overheat leading to a breakdown of the system.
  • Practice pedalling smoothly in order to maximize your e-bike’s range: Smooth pedalling enables you to save a lot of electricity. If you pedal inconsistently your electric bicycles motor will only provide you with sporadic support and may even cut out. Many e-bikes use a curve on the display to show whether or not you are pedalling smoothly.
  • Rental e-bike of BBF Genf in detailConstant speed for efficient battery use: The more constant your speed, the longer your e-bike’s battery will last. Stop-and-go traffic (e.g. on urban roads) will also reduce the battery’s range, so try to use foresight and avoid stopping wherever possible.
  • Don´t pedal too fast: By pedalling too fast you may deactivate motor support and no longer receive optimum support (you essentially “overtake” the motor).
  • High or low gear?: Play around with your electric bicycle’s gears! Sometimes consistent power input in a higher gear is the better option. At higher speeds a higher gear saves not only your legs, but also the e-bike’s battery. Aim to pedal smoothly and consistently.
  • Change gears correctly: When riding an e-bike with hub gears you should reduce the force applied to the pedals when changing gears in order ensure a smooth, efficient change. If you fail to do so both your own power input and that of the motor will be applied to the gear hub and gear changing will not be possible.
  • Rental e-bike of BBF Genf (battery)Watch out when turning corners: Electrical support will cease when you brake as you enter a corner. Be careful when accelerating out of the corner that the reactivation of motor support does not take you into the middle of the road (e.g. when navigating a right-hand bend).
  • You´ve hit the maximum speed – time to relax?: Electric bicycles will only support your pedalling up to a speed of 25 km/h. Once you have hit this top speed you can usually maintain it in an easier support mode.

Enjoy and have a safe journey!

We are happy to answer any of your questions concerning e-bikes or rental bikes and are already looking forward to your request for your next bicycle tour. As we would like you to find the perfect bike for your individual demands, we are glad to advise you on the range of bikes offered. Continue reading if you would like to find out more about our rental bikes in general

The duration of the battery depends on various factors such as wind, body weight or road conditions.

Never leave the e-bike in direct sunlight (e.g. during a break, etc.) as the battery, display and sensor can overheat leading to a breakdown of the system.