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Arrival and departure options for our activity holidays

Travel options to start of your activity holidays

Radfahrer am ElberadwegAlmost all of our activity holidays can be commenced on any day of the week. They are tied to neither a scheduled date nor a tour group. You are free to choose the way in which arrive to your first hotel and depart after your activity holidays: All our tour packages see guests arrive and depart under their own steam. Our activity holidays are designed to ensure that points of arrival/departure are easily accessible by plane, train or car.

Arrival and departure options for our..

Other arrival and departure options

... by car

In most of our partner hotels it is possible to park your car for the duration of your activity holidays. Nevertheless in most cases it is not possible to reserve the parking lot in advance. Please find contact information of your hotels in your travel documents to be able to inquire about a car parking options. Parking spaces are subject to fees in the majority of cases, with parking fees to be paid directly to the hotel.

... by train

If you wish to book a train ticket to get to your start hotel or leave to the next airport on departure we would be happy to provide you with a special train ticket.

... by transfer service

If you wish to book a cycle tour with us please also note our collecting transfer service and tour exclusive transfer service between your first or last hotels.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for other ways to get to the start point of our tour offers. Of course, we will also be happy to provide you with more detailed information on your preferred travel options.

Image source: Cyclists along the Elbe Cycle Path © Silvio Dittrich,