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Round Trip "Music Tour Germany" from Frankfurt


Travel time
21 days or upon request
Arrival information
Bookable from
2 person(s)
Characteristics of the tour
round triptailor-made group tour suggestionfor groups of 10 or more people
  • Frankfurt am Main
    Image source: Francesco Carovillano, Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.

  • Berlin State Opera
    Image source: Bernd Uhlig

  • Opera Leipzig
    Image source: Kirsten Nijhof Oper Leipzig

  • Church of our lady Dresden
    Image source: Sven Döring (DML BY)

  • Munich city hall at Marienplatz

What to expect

Germany offers a variety of music artists. Following the footsteps of Wagner, Beethoven, Bach and other musicians, you will get an insight into German music history during this unique tour.

Your round trip starts and ends in Frankfurt/Main. During your tour you will explore the musical and cultural treasures of cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich and more.

The tour can be altered according to your specific requirements, so please see it as food for thought rather than a set meal. It would be our pleasure to draw up a tailored quote based on your ideas and expectations – giving you a music tour that will enchant you.

Travel description as PDF

Contact Person

Ulrike Ehlemann Kreis

Ulrike Ehlemann

+49 (0)351 - 563 48 0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My Tip:"You will have a great variety of opera houses and other concert venues which are worth visiting during the tour”


Detailed information for journey "Music tour Germany from Frankfurt"

Day 1: Individual arrival to Frankfurt
• Transfer to Bonn

Day 2: Bonn
• Guided walking tour of Bonn
• Guided visit to Beethoven House

Day 3: Eisenach
• Tour continues to Eisenach
• Exclusive visit to Bach House including reception with sparkling wine and music played on historical instruments

Day 4: Eisenach
• Guided walking tour of Eisenach
• Visit to Wartburg Castle
• Evening performance at Wartburg Castle

Day 5: Erfurt and Weimar
• Excursion to Erfurt including walking tour of the city and visit to St Augustine’s Monastery
• Walking tour of Weimar and visit one of the various museums (Anna Amalia Library, Goethe House, etc.)

Day 6: Hamburg
• Tour continues to Hamburg via Hildesheim including visit of the cathedral
• Evening performance at Hamburg opera

Day 7: Hamburg
• Sightseeing tour of Hamburg
• Cruise on the Alster river or through the habour

Day 8: Lübeck
• Excursion to Lübeck including guided walking tour and tasting of the famous almond paste

Day 9: Berlin
• Tour continues to Berlin
• City tour by coach
• Evening performance at Berlin State Opera

Day 10: Potsdam
• Excursion to Potsdam to visit the palaces of Sanssouci and Cecilienhof

Day 11: Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Dessau-Wörlitz and Leipzig
• Tour continues to Leipzig via Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Dessau-Wörlitz including visit to Wörlitz Palace and Park

Day 12: Leipzig
• Visit of Bach Museum and St Thomas Church
• Evening performance at Leipzig Opera

Day 13: Dresden
• Tour continues to Dresden via Radebeul including a wine tasting and guided tour at Wackerbarth Palace
• Evening performance at Semper Opera House Dresden

Day 14: Dresden
• Guided walking tour of Dresden
• Visit to the Old Masters Picture Gallery
• Visit to Pillnitz Park and Gardens
• Boat trip Pillnitz to Dresden including coffee and cake aboard

Day 15: Bayreuth and Munich
• Tour continues to Munich via Bayreuth including a visit of Richard Wagner Museum
• Evening performance at Bavarian State Opera

Day 16: Bavarian Castles
• Excursion to Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace including guided tours

Day 17: Munich
• Guided walking tour of Munich
• Visit to Residenzmuseum, Treasury and Cuvillié-Theatre

Day 18: Stuttgart
• Tour continues to Stuttgart via Augsburg
• Guided walking tour of Augsburg including visit Fuggerei

Day 19: Heidelberg and Frankfurt/Main
• Tour continues to Frankfurt via Heidelberg
• Guided walking tour of Heidelberg
• Ride with funicular railway to Heidelberg Castle including visit

Day 20: Frankfurt/Main
• Guided walking tour of Frankfurt including visit Main Tower
• Evening performance at Frankfurt Opera

Day 21: Individual departure from Frankfurt



Contact Person

Ulrike Ehlemann Kreis

Ulrike Ehlemann

+49 (0)351 - 563 48 0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My Tip:"You will have a great variety of opera houses and other concert venues which are worth visiting during the tour”


Services included

Basic package for your round trip "Music Tour Germany:
21 days/ 20 nights

  • 20x Overnight stays incl. breakfast in each city
  • Guided walking tours in various cities
  • Visit to museums, castles and other monuments
  • Cruise on the Alster river
  • Evening performances at several opera houses like the Berlin State Opera and the Dresden Semper Opera
  • many more services included

This itinerary is only a suggestion for your next music tour through Germany which can be adjusted according to your desires. Whether you draw inspiration from the proposals made in this itinerary or blend them with your own ideas, the AugustusTours team looks forward to putting together your next music tour.

Contact Person

Ulrike Ehlemann Kreis

Ulrike Ehlemann

+49 (0)351 - 563 48 0

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My Tip:"You will have a great variety of opera houses and other concert venues which are worth visiting during the tour”


Prices for services included

This round trip through Germany is characterized by its creativity and flexibility, with each itinerary specially tailored to both your requirements and those of your guests. It can be shortened, extended or adapted according to your desires. The prices are based on the programme, group size and hotel class. We are looking forward to your inquiry and provide you with an individual offer for your music tour through Germany or to other German cities . We are also happy to organize a cultural tour in different German cities for your group!


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Further information about our cultural tours to Germany

Discover fascinating cultural sights of Germany

Introduce your group to Germany’s unique architecture, fascinating cultural landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage sites! Whether you wish to trace the path of a literary genius or explore the story of another important figure from Germany’s history, we have the expertise to give you a group tour to remember. We also specialize in art tours and group tours based on special anniversaries and events.

Our incoming service for groups to Germany

Let us introduce your group to Germany’s cultural landscape as part of a themed cultural tour: We look forward to tailoring a cultural tour to Germany to your group’s specific ideas and requirements. In addition to the sourcing of event tickets, our services also include the design of an individual sightseeing itinerary which matches your group’s interests.

More information about our cultural tour suggestions

Germany is renowned for its fascinating cultural landscape, and attracts tourists from around the globe with a variety of museums, exhibitions and galleries offering insights into the past, present and future. Our themed tours to Germany following in the footsteps of famous architects, poets and artists are therefore particularly popular. Journeys through human history are also in demand, and especially those which take in one or more of 40 impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites which bear witness to over 2,000 years of German history.

Expertise. Ideas. Passion. – Group tours to Germany tailor-made by AugustusTours

We can naturally also organise a classical city tour to Germany for your group as well as musical tours for music lovers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to adjust your travel programme – we have the knowledge and expertise to turn your ideas into a cultural group tour to remember!

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