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2016-03-18 | Yadegar Asisi´s plans for a new panorama in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Asisi Panorama in Lutherstadt WittenbergSince 2003, artist Yadegar Asisi has been mesmerizing thousands of people with his unique 360° panoramas in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden. Raised in Dresden, the artist now lives and works in Berlin. He celebrated great success with panoramas such as “Leipzig 1813” (the Battle of Leipzig), “Dresden 1945” (the city after the bombardment in WW2) or “Die Mauer” (The Wall, one day in the 1980s of the divided Berlin), opening windows into German history. He further has the ability to let the visitors experience breathtaking scenes and landscapes of our time, showcasing the panoramas “Everest”, “Great Barrier Reef” and “Amazonia”. The beholder able to escape the daily routine and embark on an adventure.

360° panorama planned to celebrate the Reformation jubilee in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

In honor of the Reformation jubilee in 2017, the artist and the non-profit organization Luther 1517 Ltd. took up the challenge of creating something unique, connecting art with an international sensation. Planning of the new 360° panorama has already commenced and is expected to be finished in time with the opening of the last year of the Luther Decade in October 2016. The panorama artwork will display Lutherstadt Wittenberg in the lifetime of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora, Philipp Melanchthon, Cranach and Justus Jonas. The portrayal will not only show the posting of the 95 theses but also the development of the then circumstances leading to the Reformation.

Asisi Panorama in Lutherstadt WittenbergOn the grounds of the former Cultural and Conference Center, located in the historic city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a rotunda will be erected to specifically house the 15x75 meter large piece of art and display it in a most ideal way. It is expected to be open to visitors for 5 years.

Take this opportunity and let yourself be inspired by this unique artwork, giving your next group tour another highlight to write home about. With no difficulty we will extend our tour suggestion to Lutherstadt Wittenberg by a visit to the panorama. Just send us your request for a group tour and you will receive a tailor-made proposal.

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Asisi Panorama "Luther 1517" Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Photos Tom Schulze © Asisi