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2018-03-12 | AugustusTours explores bauhaus in Saxony-Anhalt

End of February, Dorothea Thiedt and Brita Reichert went to Saxony-Anhalt in order to explore some captivating bauhaus sights and modern architecture. Learn more about what they have seen and got to know.

AugustusTours explores bauhaus

In 2019 one of the most influential artistic movements of the 20th century will celebrate a big event: The bauhaus, internationally famous, solemnises the formation 100 years ago. Our modern life being influenced by this architecture and design until today, a visit to the important bauhaus sights in Germany is very much recommended. AugustusTours travelled to Saxony-Anhalt to get to know the rich offer of modern sights.

Hermann Beims Housing Estate in Magdeburg

bauhaus and modern architecture in Saxony-Anhalt

Our tour started in Magdeburg where we went to see the impressive “Stadthalle” (city hall), built in typical brick style (Klinkerstil). It was erected in 1927 and used for several events ever since. Furthermore we visited unique housing estates erected in the late 1920s in order to provide affordable apartments for workers after Wold War I. We travelled on to the small town of Quedlinburg in the Harz Mountains to get to know a most impressive little gallery showing art works from the German-American artist Lyonel Feininger. After tasting the legendary cheese cake of café Vincent (don´t miss when getting to Quedlinburg!) we called it a day.

Diakonissen-Mutterhaus in ElbingerodeAfter visiting the “Diakonissen-Mutterhaus” in Elbingerode, a building from the early 1930s and filled with ideas and concepts of modern architecture, we went to Halle to explore an impressive garage, erected in the late 1920s following American example and most progressive for its time. “Form follows function” is perceptible there.

Inside the Bauhaus complex in DessauHighlight of our trip, and highlight of every bauhaus group tour, was a visit to the bauhaus building in Dessau. Here, in 1925 the bauhaus was on its zenith regarding teaching modern design, creating ideas of housing and everyday life which still can be felt until today. An absolute must see!

Kornhaus in Dessau

Explore bauhaus and modern art & architecture with AugustusTours

This fascinating trip inspired us to celebrate bauhaus in 2019 too! What better opportunity than planning a trip to Germany on the tracks of bauhaus? AugustusTours is pleased to provide you with accommodation, coach services, guided tours, museum visits and many more for your group tour to Germany. Beside Dessau we recommend to go to Berlin and Weimar to explore bauhaus entirely. We look forward to your request.