2014-01-14 | City tax Berlin became applicable on 01/01/2014

At the beginning of the New Year, Berlin eventually introduced the already longer discussed city tax. For all bookings from 01/01/2014 a tourism tax of 5 percent of the net room rate has to be paid for private overnight stays in Berlin. It will be charged with the invoice. The city tax applies to all bookings made from 01/01/2014 on, meaning that bookings made until 31/12/2013 are exempt from the city tax, even if the city tour to Berlin takes place in 2014. The revenues shall benefit tourist and cultural institutions in Berlin such as museums, theatres, etc. Due to legal actions which may now be taken, the final decision is still subject to change. We will keep you informed. Nevertheless, please consider this city tax when booking your next city tour to Berlin.

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