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2022-09-01 | Forest Fire Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

Dear partners, dear guests!

In the following you will find important information for guests who are currently travelling with us and you on a hiking trip in Saxon Switzerland or will be arriving in the coming days. We urgently ask you to pass on the information to the guests:

As you have probably learned on site as well as from the press, there were forest fires in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. The fires are now considered to be completely extinguished.

Update 01.09.2022 | 1 p.m.

Hiking possible again!

Good news! The ban on entering the forest in Saxon Switzerland and the operational area in the "Hintere Sächsische Schweiz" has been lifted. Off to a hiking holiday in Germany's most beautiful Switzerland!

Only Bohemian Switzerland is still closed to hikers due to clean-up work, so we offer you a wonderful alternative for your trip to the Prebischtor.

One important request remains: As temperatures rise, so does the risk of forest fires. Please be careful and mindful. Fires are not allowed in the forest.

Update 02.08.2022 | 12 a.m.

We would like to inform you that, as of today, all accommodation booked for you in Saxon Switzerland is available and looking forward to your visit.

As it is currently forbidden to enter the forests in Saxon Switzerland, the planned hiking tours cannot be completed at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long this ban will last. We fervently hope for rain in this region to alleviate the situation in the forests at least a little.

Hiking in the forest forbidden? And now? Your alternatives:

Under high pressure we contact all travellers who are currently on walking holiday in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. We can offer you the following options:

Rebooking/cancellation of your trip: As the situation is still tense and an end to the fires is not yet foreseeable, we have first informed all guests who wish to travel up to and including 21/08/2022. As a hiking holiday in the true sense of the word is not possible in Saxon Switzerland right now, we advise you not to travel until 21/08/2022 and offer you a rebooking to autumn 2022 or to a trip to the Harz Mountains and ultimately also the cancellation free of charge.

Outlook: We are full of hope that the fires will soon be extinguished and that we will soon - probably from September 2022 - be able to welcome you again as our hiking guests in Saxon Switzerland! We, as well as all our partner hotels, restaurants and other service providers in Saxon Switzerland, would like to thank you in advance for your trust and support by visiting us soon! Until then, we will be doing rain dances in the office and thanking all the emergency services who are so tirelessly fighting the fire...

Update 26.07.2022 | 3.30 p.m.

Ban on entering all forests in Saxon Switzerland and Eastern Ore Mountains

Due to the persistent predominantly dry weather and the high temperatures of the last weeks, the danger of fires in forests and meadows has increased rapidly. For this reason, an absolute ban on entering all forests in the Saxon Switzerland and Eastern Ore Mountains region has been imposed with immediate effect, thus restricting the right to enter as follows:

  • Entering the forest including all forest paths is prohibited. There is danger to life and limb!
  • The persons and circumstances mentioned in § 15 para. 2 SächsWaldG are exempt from the temporary ban on entering the forest.
  • The general order will be revoked as soon as the weather conditions change.

The full text of the general decree can be found at

Update 26.07.2022 | 10 a.m.


The following areas are affected by fire:

  • the area below the popular Prebischtor (Pravcicka Brana) and so the excursion to Hrensko (part of the circular hike Elbsandsteingebirge)
  • the area of Winterberg, Kipphorn, Frienstein in the Hintere Sächsische Schweiz (concerns the Malerweg stages 4 and 5, Altendorf/Kirnitzschtal – Schrammsteine – Neumannmühle and Neumannmühle – Großer Winterberg – Schmilka/Krippen, last stage of the circular walk means Krippen – Schrammsteine – Bad Schandau)
  • In general, the area of rear Saxon Switzerland ("Hintere Sächsische Schweiz") should be widely avoided (our trip Panoramarunde Sächsische Schweiz)

The fire brigade is on site and is taking care of the extinguishing work. Some roads and paths in the areas mentioned are closed. The situation may change at any time at short notice.

Basically: The situation is concentrated on the Czech-Bohemian border area and thus on a part of your booked travels (in some travels the area is not included at all). We recommend the following alternatives to avoid the above-mentioned sections/trips...

We recommend the following alternatives:

Please use the material in your travel documents, the hotels will also help you to choose an alternative route.

We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and are always available to answer your questions. We are happy to take any tips, we also rely on the information provided by the relevant local partners (hotels, tourist information offices and associations). You can also find up-to-date information here:

Up-to-date information:

Elbe cycle path not affected

The Elbe cycle path is not affected, but we ask you to use the left side of the Elbe between Děčín and Bad Schandau.

A small reminder: As temperatures rise, so does the risk of forest fires. Please be careful and mindful. Fires are not allowed in the forest, even at designated fire sites the permit is only valid up to level 2. Thank you!

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