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2015-06-09 | Reopening of the Coin Cabinet in Dresden

During the last weekend, the Coin Cabinet opened its doors once again to shine in new splendor and welcome Visit the coin cabinet and discover the collection of historical medals.guests from everywhere.

Until 2004, the permanent exhibition was situated in only two rooms in the Albertinum. Since 7th June 2015, the world famous Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden are presenting one percent of the unbelievable collection of more than 300.000 objects in four rooms. Located on the second floor of the Royal Palace, the Coin Cabinet exhibits coins and medals as well as orders, bank notes, historic bonds and even minting machines and equipment.

The most interesting and considerable exhibits will demonstrate the beginning of the coinage in Saxony, medals showing portraits of all Saxon princes and – of course – currencies from the antiquity to the present age. You should not miss to visit the reopened coin cabinet during your next city tour to Dresden. Exciting anecdotes and stories about money will complete the visit of this unique and special museum.

Why not discover the Coin Cabinet during your next city tour to Dresden?

© Hans Christian Krass, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
© Roger Paul, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden