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2018-06-06 I The 4th Saxon State Exhibition 2020 in Zwickau

Saxon Railway Museum, Chemnitz © 4th Saxon State ExhibitionUnder the motto "Industry - Culture - People" (working title), the 4th Saxon State Exhibition will take place from 25 April to 1 November 2020 in Zwickau, a traditional location for the automotive industry, and will focus on the Southwest Saxony region as a cradle of German and European industrialisation. The main exhibition, hosted by the Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden, is shown in the "Audi Building" and tells the history of industrialisation from the man’s perspective as well as the effects on his living conditions, identity and life in a changing society.

Additional exhibitions in the region

In addition to the main exhibition in the Zwickau "Audi Building", further exhibitions will be shown at other venues in the region. The Industriemuseum (Industrial Museum) in Chemnitz reflects the development of mechanical engineering in Saxony and shows the interplay between man and machine. Also in Chemnitz, the Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum (Saxon Railway Museum) presents historical steam and diesel locomotives in the roundhouse as well as an image of the interaction of man, raw material and product in transport and freight traffic.

Mining plant Silberbergwerk © Malte Burkhardt, 4th Saxon State ExhibitionThe Bergbaumuseum (mining museum) in Oelsnitz/Erzgebirge traces the mining of hard coal, which was of decisive importance for the industrial development of the southwest Saxon region, and ventures a projection into the future of energy supply. Visitors can resort to below ground into the Himmelfahrt Fundgrube research mine in Freiberg and take a look at the history of ore mining and also take a look at the current state of research regarding extraction of resources and its technologies.

The cloth factory Gebrüder Pfau in Crimmitschau, which is still in its original state, offers guests a deep insight into the textile industry that used to be of prime importance to Saxony. Machines and looms from the early years of the last century will be demonstrated. And finally, the August Horch Museum in Zwickau, located in the immediate vicinity of the main exhibition, illustrates the history of the development of mobility and also asks the questions of tomorrow's mobility possibilities.

August Horch Museum Zwickau  © 4th Saxon State ExhibitionThe exhibition’s curator is Thomas Spring from Berlin, the exhibition is sponsored by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art. The previous Saxon State Exhibitions took place in the monastery St. Marienstern in Panschwitz (1998), in Torgau (2004) and in Görlitz (2011).

In connection with the 4th Saxon State Exhibition in 2020 in general and the associated exhibition of the Chemnitz Eisenbahnmuseum (Railway Museum) in particular, AugustusTours offers various tours for friends of steam trains. Of course, there is also the possibility of numerous other interesting group tours. It’s our pleasure to receive your request!

Saxon Railway Museum Chemnitz © 4th Saxon State Exhibition
Mining plant Silberbergwerk © Malte Burkhardt, 4th Saxon State Exhibition
August Horch Museum Zwickau © 4th Saxon State Exhibition