AugustusTours launches new customer feedback section

Greetings to all prospective group tour guests!

Get to know our new customer area and write your own traveller's review!

We are very pleased to present our new customer area. We aim to deliver a service which meets or exceeds all your requirements, and would like to give you the opportunity to share your experiences with potential bookers.We have therefore set up a customer feedback section which makes your tour assessment available to other guests. Offer opinions on your last Group Tour with AugustusTours, or let us know about your experiences at our destinations.

How to use our customer area

Assuming that you have undertaken a journey to Germany and done a city trip to Dresden with AugustusTours. To evalute your city tour click into the category group tours and then into city tours for groups. Underneath the introduction you can find the so far "Guest ratings about City tours for groups". As you can see our guests have rated the city tours with 4,5 of 5 stars.

Get to know our new customer area and write your own traveller's review!Please klick now on "All traveller's reviews" for a detailed itemisation of all guests ratings about city tours to Germany with AugustusTours. Click onto every single rating to enlarge the guests inscription and view their pictures and travel reports. Here you can see a traveller's review written by Katja who went to Berlin in April 2013.

You can also have a look at all traveller's reviews for a special city tour that your group might be interested in. Therefore please click on this city tour destination (in this case city tour to Berlin). Choose the tab "Ratings" to see all Get to know our new customer area and write your own travel reports of guests who have visited Berlin (like in this case Katja who wrote the review mentioned above).

Get to know our new customer area and write your own traveller's review.In this tab you can also find our customer area where you can rate your own tour as well as publish your traveller's review. Classify your tour with a star rating. All ratings will be summarized and averaged. Other group tour guests will than find an average classifying and get to know authentic traveller's opinions.

We look forward to your travel report! Tell us about the highlight of your Group Tour, the place which impressed you the most on excursions into the surrounding region, or the location of your best meal, view, sunset or roadside pit-stop! Your impressions will help future guests gain an initial insight into our Group Tour destinations, and in turn enable them to pick a tour which fits their requirements and interests.

If you decide to submit an assessment, please include your email address so that we can contact you with regard to your feedback. Your email address will not be saved for marketing purposes!

Please direct any queries about our customer feedback section by using our contact form.

We look forward to the establishment of our customer feedback section as a platform for exchange between our Group Tours guests, and eagerly await the first entries!