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Most beautiful cities of Bavaria

Bavaria is the most popular travel destination within Germany. No matter if you are taking a one-day or even a multiple-day trip, Bavarian cities offer a lot to explore! Anyone who has already been to Munich in the past has reason enough to come back for and keep exploring the cultural diversity and various other cities in beautiful Southern Germany. The best way to experience as much as possible would be during a round trip in combination with Baden-Württemberg as e.g. travelling from Munich via Regensburg, Nuremberg, Würzburg and Heidelberg towards Stuttgart and the Black Forest.

Discover Bavaria and its beautiful cities

UNESCO World Heritage Site Bamberg and the New Residence and Rose Garden

View over BambergThe magnificent building complex of the Bamberg New Residence has over 40 state rooms featuring stucco-work ceilings, furniture and tapestries from the 17th and 18th centuries. Furthermore, the Imperial Hall impresses with 16 larger than life-sized portraits of emperors painted on the walls. The Elector's Rooms, the Prince-Bishop's Apartments and the gallery with Old German and Baroque paintings are of particular interest. Additionally, the Rose Garden in the inner courtyards pours it's charm with rose fragrances and colours during the summer time, hosting around 4,500 roses and being divided up by two paths with a nice fountain pool in the centre.

Highlights of Bamberg

  • Cultural delights in one of the biggest maintained Old Town ensembles of Europe with Cathedral and Old Town Hall
  • Culinary indulgence in the very unique world of beer and brewery
  • Musical enjoyment with the Bamberg symphony orchestra
  • Baroque pleasure in former Benedictine monastery of St. Michael
  • Enjoying nature with the Steigerwald Forest Treetop Path

Bayreuth and the Hermitage Old Palace and Court Garden

Hermitage BayreuthThe Hermitage has its origins in 1616, when the margrave purchased a forestall area close to Bayreuth. About one hundred years later Margrave Georg Wilhelm built the Old Palace as the central feature of a court hermitage and his wife continued to enlarge the area by adding new rooms, various buildings and water fountains. Even at the existing gardens she left her marks and implemented traditional baroque elements like hedge gardens, pergolas and waterworks. Today the Hermitage still remains unique amongst the gardens of the 18th century.

Highlights of Bayreuth

  • Musical enjoyment with the most beautiful preserved Baroque Theatre in Europe, the Margravial Opera House, the festival hall and House Wahnfried and the new Richard Wagner Museum
  • Cultural delights in the New Castle as well as in the Palace Church and Tower
  • Garden art at Fantaisie Palace and Park with a garden art museum
  • Culinary indulgence at the Brauereimuseum (brewery museum) with its historic brick façade

Würzburg and the Residence and Court Garden

Fortress Marienberg and the Old BridgeThis magnificent Baroque palace is known as one of the largest and most beautiful palaces in Germany. Surrounded by wonderful gardens, it was built and decorated in the 18th century by an international team of architects, painters (including Tiepolo), sculptors and stucco-workers. The court garden of Wuerzburg Residence is located on the edge of the baroque town fortifications with their massive supporting walls. It was created by the court gardener Johann Prokop Mayer as a typical rococo-style garden.

Highlights of Würzburg

  • Breath taking scenery in the middle of the Franconian wine region
  • Cultural pleasure in Marienberg Fortress and Prince's Building
  • Discover fantastic architecture in one of European’s most beautiful rococo gardens on the area of Veitshöchheim Castle and enjoy a cruise on the Main River
  • Culinary indulgence in three of the most prestigious German wineries
  • Musical enjoyment during the Mozart festival
  • Enjoy arts in the Main-Franconian Museum and discover the world’s largest Riemenschneider collection

Coburg and the Lords of Rosenau

Marketplace CoburgFirst mentioned in 1439, Rosenau Castle was the seat of the Lords of Rosenau from 1451. It was rebuilt in the 19th century in a neo-Gothic style as the summer residence of the Coburg dukes in accordance with the designs of Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Carl Ferdinand Langhan. Inside there is a marble hall with cross vaulting. The rooms show the ducal living quarters with rich Gothic tracery décor and some of the original furniture, pictures and objects. The Castle was the birthplace of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. It is situated in a beautiful English-style park.

Highlights of Coburg

  • Cultural pleasure in the former city of residence
  • Experience the pleasure of art at the Veste Coburg, which is also called the "Franconian Crown" because of its beauty and dominating location
  • Architectural delight at Ehrenburg Castle, designed by the famous Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel
  • Enjoy the presence of royalty when wandering along famous traces such as e.g. Queen Victoria’s
  • Historical enjoyment in one of Germany’s greatest Martin-Luther cities

Augsburg and its City Hall and Golden Hall

Town hall AugsburgThe City Hall that was built by Elias Holl between 1615 and 1620 is the landmark of the city and it is also said to be the most significant secular Renaissance building north of the Alps. The restored Golden Hall is famous for its magnificent, pompous portals, coffered ceiling and mural paintings.

Highlights of Augsburg

  • In the footsteps of the Fuggers, an insight into the history of the family empire which turned Augsburg into a world power during the 16th century
  • Architectural delicacies in the art museum "Walter" at the “Glas-Palace”, an industrial monument
  • Musical delight in the Mozart House
  • Enjoy phenomenal arts in the State Gallery "Altdeutsche Meister"

By the way!

The Romantic Road is undoubtedly the most attractive connection between more than two dozen South German towns, all of which hold staring places in travel guides on the region. Please find more information about our cultural tour for groups along the Romantic Road here.

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Fortress Marienberg and the Old Bridge © M. Westendorf
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