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The Church of our Lady Dresden celebrates its Benediction

It counts among the most impressive and magnificent church buildings in the world: The Church of Our Lady Dresden (Frauenkirche Dresden). Destroyed by the bombardment in February 1945 its ruins could be visited as memorial against war for many years. Today, the Church of Our Lady delights visitors from all over the world and makes the Saxon capital to what it is: one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

2015 - 10th anniversary benediction of the Church of Our Lady

The church of our Lady in Dresden

In November 1989 the local initiative “Call from Dresden” (“Ruf aus Dresden”) was founded by dedicated Dresden inhabitants. Thanks to all the hard work, the courage of the Dresden citizens and the support of fans from all over the world the Chruch of Our Lady could reopen and was dedicated in 1995: This year we can already celebrate the 20th anniversary of the reconstruction and in 2015 the 10th anniversary of the benediction of the Church of Our Lady.

Concert highlights in 2015

  • Bach Days from 3th to 10th October
  • Festival days from 22th to 31th October
  • 22th Oct: Opening concert (works of Schumann)
  • 24th Oct: Gala concert (Strauss, Rihm, Schumann)
  • 29th Oct: Gala concert (Schütz, Homilius, Bach)
  • 31th Oct: Gala concert (Benjamin Staern “Luther”)
  • Christmas Oratorio on 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th December

Regular music highlights

  • Choir performance in the Church of Our LadyBACH Cycle
  • Dresden Organ Cycle
  • Organ Night Music by candlelight
  • Music during services: Sunday service at 11 am. and 6 pm.
  • Presentation with organ music at 8 pm. on selected Fridays

Special programme suggestions for your city tour Dresden in 2015

Guided walking tour around the Neumarkt, 2 hours

Why not join our tour guide to discover the history of the district surrounding the Church of Our Lady. The Neumarkt was once the heart of Dresden – it was always surrounded by town houses and crowned by the majestic dome of the church. During the bomb attack against Dresden on the 13th and 14 th of February in 1945, the whole district was completely destroyed with only rubble, ashes and the ruins of the Church of Our Lady remaining. With its ceremonious consecration on 30th October 2005, the surprisingly quick reconstruction of the Neumarkt began. A mixture of traditional architecture and modernism are meant to give the square back its original function – as the heart of Dresden.

Visit to the special exhibition at asisi Panometer Dresden (24/01 – 31/05/2015)

“DRESDEN 1945 – Tragedy and Hope of a European City”

DRESDEN 1945 portrays the destroyed city of Dresden after the bombing raids in February 1945. The vantage point of the visitor will be from the tower of the town hall. From here, the viewer will be confronted with the full extent of the destruction of the Saxon metropolis set against the snowy landscape of February 1945. DRESDEN 1945 will first be shown at the beginning of 2015. It will be on display for approximately three months before making way for the panorama of baroque Dresden. The course of Dresden's urban development is explained to visitors using multimedia: from the end of the Baroque era and leading up to the National Socialist era and the phases of reconstruction.

Further suggestions for visits and guided tours in Dresden

  • Guided tour of the main church or audio-guided tours
  • Individual visit during the "Open Church", from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 am. and from 1 to 6 pm.
  • Informative film about the Church of Our Lady in the basement of the church
  • Exhibition in the basement of the Church of Our Lady
  • Guided tour to the ascent of the dome

If you are interested and like to plan your group tour to Dresden, please feel free to contact us. You find further information on our website, for example our proposal for your journey to Dresden.

The church of our Lady in Dresden © AugustusTours
Choir performance in the Church of Our Lady © Sylvio Dittrich