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Excursion tips from Leipzig

To make your city trip to Germany unforgettable for your guests it is always a good idea to include excursions to the surroundings of German cities like Dresden or Leipzig. Read on to find out more about excursions to regional destinations which can be combined with your City trip to Leipzig. If you think about including some of these destinations in your city trip programme please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to putting together your next city trip to Germany!

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Tips for day and half-day trips from Leipzig

Get to know the surroundings of Leipzig

Leipzig New Lakeland – From a Mining Area to a Lake District
(Distance from Leipzig about 10 miles, driving time approx. 15 minutes)

With Leipzig New Lakeland one of the most beautiful lake districts in Germany is about to develop out of the former central-German lignite mining area. Today visitors of the former central-German lignite mining area can find here interesting facilities for recreation. Outside the bustling city of Leipzig one can enjoy pure nature and tranquility of the countryside. An extensive network of footpaths, cycle and bridleways as well as forests, parks, lakes and river meadows invite you to have interesting and varied experiences. Discover the unique changes of the scenery and enjoy the landscape during a boat trip on one of the lakes.

(Distance from Leipzig approx. 22 miles, driving time approx. 35 minutes)

Affectionately known as the "Pearl of the Mulde River Valley", Grimma is located right in the heart of Germany’s Free State of Saxony where gentle hills and the breathtaking scenery of the Mulde River Valley warmly welcome the city’s guests. Grimma boasts 26 magnificent buildings from five stylistic periods including the famous town hall with its famous Renaissance gable. During excursions through the town visitors will find more historic points of interest such as the Frauenkirche and the Klosterkirche (Monastery Church), the feudal castle and the medieval Nimbschen Monastery, as well as the floating water mill. The town is protected by a well-preserved wall which is over 400 metres long and lined by delicate little houses, giving an outstanding view of the Mulde River and its romantic riverside.

Halle(Distance from Leipzig approx. 28 miles, driving time approx. 45 minutes)

Just a short drive away from Leipzig, Halle attracts large numbers of visitors each year and might also be an interesting excursion option for your city trip to Leipzig. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town on the footsteps of the great musician George Frideric Handel. There is much to listen to in Handel’s native town (e.g. the Handel Festival or Children’s Choir Festival), to celebrate and to look at. Explore the Himmelsscheibe Moritzburg (Sky Disc Foundation), the Stadtgottesacker, Francke Foundation, the Dome, Marien Library or the Handel Music Hall during a guided tour or enjoy high-class opera or theatre performances. Halle is also a green town and with its more than 7000 hectares of water and green spaces it is also a leisure and sporting paradise.

(Distance from Leipzig approx. 40 miles, driving time approx. 1 hour)

Another excellent option is to complement your city trip to Leipzig with an excursion to the city of Freyburg. Directly on the waterfront of the Saale River Freyburg is the home of the so-called Rotkaeppchen sparkling wine. Besides the sparkling wine production the city has to offer many historical buildings like the town wall, St. Maria Municipal Church and the Neuenburg Castle whose double chapel can still give an impression of the castle's high medieval appearance. Only a few kilometres away the cathedral city Naumburg is also worth a visit.

ChemnitzAs well as other cities Chemnitz is also possible as an excursion from Leipzig - City center Leipzig (c) Oli Müller,
(Distance from Leipzig approx. 55 miles, driving time approx. 1.25 hours)

The more than 800 years old city calls itself "City of Modernity”. As a day trip it can easily be included in the programme of your city trip to Leipzig. Developed at the time of Classical Modernism, which still gives impetus to the development of business and science, the influences of the cultural and architectural Modernism are visible and perceptible. The Red Tower is the town’s landmark and was named after the red paint of the brick storey built in the middle of the 16th century and its former red tiled roof. Furthermore, the historical buildings on the market place like the New and the Old Town Hall, the Jakobikirche (Church of St. Jakobi) and the Siegertsches Haus with its lovely Baroque house front are worth to be seen.

(Distance from Leipzig approx. 44 miles, driving time approx. 1 hour)

Especially for lovers of classical music an excursion to Koethen represents a great addition to the itinerary of their oder city trip to Leipzig. In Koethen the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach acted as conductor of Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Koethen. Aside from the memorial specially built for him you can visit the Castle of Koethen, the Church of St. Jacob and the Naumann Museum which is the only museum in the world displaying the history of ornithology.

If you like we plan an excursion to Dresden during your holiday in Leipzig. Please contact us.(Distance from Leipzig about 75 miles, driving time approx. 1.5 hours)

Complement your city trip to Leipzig with an excursion to Dresden. Your guests will be delighted by this lively city and its baroque history. Read on to get to know more about highlights and sights that you can visit during your excursion to Dresden.

Planning a city trip to Leipzig? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to putting together your next city trip! Read on to find out more about places of interest in Leipzig that you should visit during your city tour programme.

Stadtansicht mit Frauenkirche in Grimma © AugustusTours
Halle St. Marienkirche © AugustusTours
Innenstadt Chemnitz © Oli Müller,
Residenzschloss Dresden © AugustusTours