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Excursion tips for your cultural tour to Weimar

A City Tour to Weimar with AugustusTours represents a wonderful opportunity to trace the path of German world literature and gain fascinating insights into art throughout the ages.A City Tour to Weimar with AugustusTours represents a wonderful opportunity to trace the path of German world literature and gain fascinating insights into art throughout the ages. In addition to being home to many treasures of its own, the classical town is also located in an area offering a variety of interesting destinations which make great additions to your city tour itinerary.

Discovering the surroundings of Weimar

We have therefore put together an overview of top tips for excursions into the surrounding region, for example the towns of Erfurt, Naumburg and Eisenach. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas, and get in touch with us to plan your next City Tour to Weimar!


Erfurt Cathedral

(Distance from Weimar about 16 Miles, driving time approx. 30 minutes)

An excursion to Erfurt can add spice to your cultural tour to Weimar. Take a trip to the capital of Thuringia and explore the beautifully preserved Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) areas of the city. A guided city tour will take you around the most important sights from the city’s recent and more distant past. Besides several half-timbered houses the Erfurt Cathedral and the Merchants’ Bridge, a bridge completely covered with dwellings, are the most important historical buildings of Erfurt. A short stroll through the University of Erfurt, where Martin Luther received his master's degree in 1505, rounds off this guided tour in style. Furthermore, you can spice up your tour to Erfurt by taking a ride on the Erfurt electric tramway which has been making its way tirelessly around the city since 1894. If you are interested in visiting Erfurt please note our ErfurtPLUS package offered for the city tour to Weimar.


Naumburg Cathedral

(Distance from Weimar about 30 Miles, driving time approx. 50 minutes)

Another interesting excursion to add to your cultural tour to Weimar is a visit to Naumburg. The most important architectural landmark of the city is the Naumburger Dom (St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral), an impressive late Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral built between the 13th and 15th century. The historical old town with its contorted streets invites visitors to take a stroll and enjoy the bustling charm of the former trade fair city.
Only a few kilometres away the historical city of Freyburg and the impressive scenery of the Saale River canyon are also worth a visit.


Town Hall and Goethe Museum of Ilmenau(Distance from Weimar about 40 Miles, driving time approx. 50 minutes)

Only a stone's throw away Ilmenau is another city close to Weimar that is worth to be visited during your cultural tour to Weimar. The University City is located in the beautiful Ilm River valley. Explore the former mining town and follow in the footsteps of the poet Goethe. Pass by interesting sights like the town hall, the municipal church and the Hennebrunnen (Fountain of the hen). The highest mountain of Ilmenau is the Kickelhahn (German for rooster) with a height of 861 metres.

Take a short walk to the local mountain and enjoy the picturesque view over the city and the surrounding area of Ilmenau. Make a short detour on your way back to Weimar and enjoy a drive or walk through the the Thuringian Forest which residents affectionately call “the green lung of Germany”.


Luther House in Eisenach

(Distance from Weimar about 53 miles, driving time approx. 1 hour)

Probably the most famous city in the immediate vicinity of Weimar is Eisenach. An excursion there could give your cultural tour an historical focus. Eisenach is famous as the place where the reformer Martin Luther lived as a child and later was protected by Frederick the Wise after having been pursued for his religious views. It was while staying at Wartburg Castle that he translated the New Testament into German. Furthermore Eisenach is also notable as the birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach. Besides the Wartburg there are numerous buildings worth seeing like the market square with the Georgenkirche (the Church of St. George), the town hall, the Baroque city castle as well as a number of highly decorative merchants' houses and the Jakobsplan which was named after a chapel destroyed by fire in the Middle Ages. Explore these sights and many more during your guided tour through the historical city centre.

As you can see Weimar offers plenty of excursion opportunities for your group tour to Thuringia.
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We are pleased to customize the tour itinerary for your next cultural tour to Weimar or other cities in Germany.

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