Handel Festival and further music highlights in Halle

George Frideric Handel is one of the most famous sons of the Saale city Halle. On the occasion of his life and work in Halle, each year in May and June diverse concerts and aria evenings take place in various locations all over the city. The Handel Festival offers a different theme every year which forms the dramatic climax of the programme.

Guest in the home town of George Frideric Handel:
Music highlights in Halle

Handel Festival - an annual highlight in Halle

Handel House in Halle © Thomas Ziegler, Stadt Halle

The Handel festival is annually celebrated since 1952 and honours the composer George Frideric Handel who has succeeded in bringing his music to his contemporaries in many ways. He let popular singers present his music pieces and always guaranteed his listeners high quality of his work. Instead of having a universal motto, the festival is now focusing on certain themes, such as "Handel and his Artists", "Original? - Forgery?" or "Foreign Worlds" enabling the artists to create an unforgettable programme by putting Handel's life and his work into a unique context. This makes the festival exciting: classical pieces meet modern music, Baroque meets Jazz, the harmonic fusion of genres that might seem unimaginable and many more! The music will make you feel lively and refreshed so that everybody, not only the visitors, will enjoy it.

Visit the Handel city Halle with us

Opera house in Halle © AugustusTours

Beside musical highlights, Halle offers many others special features. How about combining your visit to the Handel Festival or other music events with a city tour to Halle?

Discover the sights of the Handel city with us and wander on the composer´s traces and his work locations. For classical music enthusiasts we recommend a combination trip to Halle and Leipzig. We will be pleased to provide you with an offer tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to welcoming you in Halle soon!

Have a look into the Handel House

From 1685 to 1703 the house in the Große Nikolaistraße 5 was birth place and home of George Frideric Handel. Now it is a museum with one permanent exhibition: "Handel - the European". It features his work during the stay in his home and his european career between 1703 and 1759. Another exhibition showcases numerous musical instruments from past centuries, so have a look and listen to the tunes and history of instruments from the early classical era.

Further reasons for a music tour to Saxony-Anhalt

Market place in Halle © Thomas Ziegler, Stadt Halle

Beside the Handel Festival in Halle, the music land Saxony-Anhalt has many more music festivals in its repertoire. Every year at the end of February until the beginning of March, the Kurt Weill Festival takes place in Dessau, in honour of the composer Kurt Weill, who was born in Dessau in 1900 and had to escape to the USA during the takeover of the National Socialists. His pieces have been discussed quite controversially. Anyway he gained most of his popularity by composing the music for Berthold Brecht’s theatre piece The Threepenny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper).

Another musical highlight is the Magdeburg Telemann Festival which invites its guests to visit the city of birth of the composer. Up until now, the programme was alternating annually between the Telemann Competition and the Telemann Festival but starting with 2020, it is planned to take place every year. With the growing popularity, the city plans to extend the venues to cater to the visitors' needs and to deliver unforgettable concerts in honour of Telemann.

In the summer, friends of medieval music can enjoy the montalbâne Festival in Freyburg on the river Unstrut. Venues will be, as every year, Neuenburg castle and the church St. Marien. The name of the music festival relates to the “white mountain”, the lime stone mountain on which castle Neuenburg has been overlooking the city since 1090.

At the end of summer, the city of Köthen is hosting the Köthen Bach Festival. The music festival is alternating every two years with the National Bach Contest for young pianists. Johann Sebastian Bach lived in Köthen from 1717 until 1723 and worked as court chapel master. The concerts take place in authentic venues, e.g., the castle and the churches St. Agnus and St. Jakob.

Experience the music land Saxony-Anhalt together with your group during a tailor-made music tour. We would like to help you organize the tour programme and provide you with detailed information about the most beautiful sights of the festival cities. Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your enquiries

Handel House in Halle © Thomas Ziegler, Stadt Halle
Opera house Halle ©
Market place in Halle © Thomas Ziegler, Stadt Halle