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Explore the "Secret places of Leipzig"

Discover Leipzig like never before: Give in and be led through the secret corners of Leipzig. They are waiting with their hidden histories, remarkable atmosphere and exciting attractions, giving your trip to Leipzig the desired uniqueness.

Insiders' tips to discover Leipzig

Dusk over Leipzig © Nico Bullan

Every single tip will enrich your city tour to Leipzig with another unforgettable experience. Follow us and get ready for a different journey to the city of music!

MS World peace

The MS World-Peace cruises on the Karl-Heine-Canal and the Weiße Elster since 1998. It travels between the former mortar fabric, today’s Café “Kanal 28” in Lindenau, and the Plagwitz Bridge at Klingerweg. You will pass 16 Bridges, amongst which is also the Nun Bridge from the year 1856, and get to know Leipzig from an entirely new perspective.

German Allotment Museum

After almost 200 years, the German movement of allotment gardeners has a multi-faceted history. This is documented and presented in a worldwide unique collection, as well as in the permanent exhibition "Germany's allotment gardeners from the 19th to the 21st century". Let the beauty of German allotments inspire you on your city trip in Leipzig!

Waldstraßen District

In the north of Leipzig you will find the "New Jerusalem", a district of Leipzig, which elicits admiration with its magnificent and elegant buildings. They date back to the late 19th century. The buildings are located between Wald- and Liviastraße and invite visitors with small, hidden shops and cafés to spend an idyllic afternoon.

Auwald, Auensee and the castle's park

Spring in Leipzig © AugustusTours

If you are looking for a bit of nature, you are welcome to visit the Auwald forest and its lake. A park railway runs around Lake Auensee at 30km/h, so you have enough time to enjoy the atmosphere. Further out of town is the castle's park Lützschena. Following the style of an English landscape park, the park offers visitors relaxation and tranquillity.

Grafischer Hof

In an area of approximately 5000 m², a wide variety of companies from art & culture, gastronomy, media and trade unite to form the Grafischer Hof. The premises of the former "Graphische Werkstätten" Leipzig are now used as living space or for exhibition purposes. You can give free rein to your own creativity by visiting the various dance studios, artists and designers or let yourself be inspired by exhibitions, concerts and readings.

Kulturwerkstatt Leipzig 

Kulturwerkstatt Werk II  © Andreas Schmidt, LTM Leipzig

The former site of the materials testing machine factory is now known as "WERK 2". Throughout the year, a wide variety of cultural, artistic and theatre programmes and events are organised by the four local associations and the Glücklicher Montag agency. At Christmas, a market of a different kind takes place here. "Weihnachten am Kreuz" is the name of the Christmas market, where special unique items such as self-sewn clothing, candle arches with the silhouette of Leipzig or beautiful prints are presented. Whether young or old, man or woman - the "WERK 2" has something for everyone! 

Leipzig's cotton spinning mill

At the beginning of the 20th century, the small factory town developed into the largest cotton spinning mill in continental Europe. A century later, it was exchanged for art and culture. The premises have been transformed into the most interesting production and exhibition sites and offer a wide range of opportunities for lovers of contemporary art and culture in Europe. The cotton spinning mill is not only a cultural centre, but also gives you an insight into the workshops and the work of designers, architects, dancers and choreographers, as well as jewellers and fashion designers. We would be happy to organise a guided tour of the site and afterwards you can go on an individual journey of discovery through the many galleries and studios

Leipzig is diverse and unique. Discover some our insiders' tips for Leipzig and ask for many more, escape from the common tourist areas and dive into a world of mystical places and undiscovered sights. We will gladly put together an individual city tour Leipzig for you and help you with the implementation of the unforgettable program in the secret corners of Leipzig.

Dusk over Leipzig © Nico Bullan 
Spring in Leipzig © AugustusTours 
Kulturwerkstatt Werk II Leipzig © Andreas Schmidt, LTM Leipzig