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Dresden Residence Orchestra at Zwinger Palace

Dresden Residence ConcertsA great concert has the power of putting the audience into a sensual frenzy by creating an addictive atmosphere and the wish to never let it come to an end. Be prepared, as this is what awaits visitors of the Dresdner Residence Orchestra! Professor Igor Malinovsky founded the orchestra, consisting of young, international soloists, in 2013, after gaining international experience in cities like Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Valencia.

Every week, this exceptional ensemble invites music lovers and interested guests alike to spend an afternoon revelling in the sound of classical music pieces, waltzes or Italian operas by famous composers such as Mozart, Strauss, Bartok, Kreisler and Kalman. Enjoy this unique music experience within the history-charged walls of one of Dresdens most famous sights: the Dresden Zwinger!

In 2018 the Dresden Residence Orchestra celebrates its 5th anniversary. Celebrate with us and put "a cherry on the cake" by visiting one of those great concerts during your city tour to Dresden.

Enjoy tender timbres in a magnificent ambience!

Dresden ZwingerThe Dresden Zwinger is one of the most beautiful baroque structures situated in the city centre of Dresden, having achieved great renown beyond the borders of Saxony. The architect Matthias Daniel Pöppelmann and sculptor Balthasar Permoser immortalized themselves with the construction of this palatial complex on the grounds of the Dresden Fortress. What started in 1709 as an orangery by orders of Augustus the Strong, soon developed into an impressive venue for courtly festivities. Ten years into construction, the future Dresden Zwinger experienced its first mayor highlight, serving as backdrop during the wedding of Electoral Prince Frederick Augustus to Archduchess Maria Josepha.

Architect Gottfried Semper finished the construction by adding the Semper Gallery in 1855 on the side facing the river Elbe. These days, the rooms of the Dresden Zwinger are being used for exhibitions (Old Masters Picture Gallery, Porcelain Collection, Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon) and concerts. The latter are being held at the Marmorsaal (marble saloon), situated directly above the French Pavilion. It is a structural highlight of the Dresden Zwinger and used to be adorned with outstanding ceiling frescoes. As of autumn 2017, the concerts will be held in the reconstructed Wallpavillon (Wall Pavilion). Savour the splendid view over the entire Zwinger area!

Concerts of the Dresdner Residence Orchestra

Concert at the Dresden ZwingerThe Dresdner Residence Orchestra will enchant you mostly on the weekends at 17:00. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the Gala Concert, filled with classical music hits, waltzes and operetta melodies, and five other yet unforgettable programs: Experience the unique sound of Vivaldis "Die vier Jahreszeiten" with a soft as well as a thundering orchestral accompaniment. Lovers of lively tunes will not be disappointed when listening to the Latin-American tango melodies of "Tango meets Classic". During the "Italian Night" you will be mesmerized by famous arias and intermezzi from operas of Verdi or Puccini. A marvellous variety of this composer’s most well-known musical pieces will impress you during the "Mozart-Gala", a tribute to W. A. Mozart. With the new program "Argentinian Night", the orchestra will amaze you with a well-balanced mixture of classical music and rousing tango melodies, played on the bandoneon.

Each program is a very own interpretation with an individual orchestration of bowed instruments by Professor Malinovsky and his orchestra. On that account, the audience can look forward to a peerless evening in a historical setting and timelessly beautiful music!

The finishing touch to conclude this musical adventure could be the addition of one of the following services: a dinner at the neighbouring 5-star Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais, a private guided tour at the Semper Opera or a visit to the museums at the Dresden Zwinger. The possibilities are limitless!

5 years of Dresden Residence Orchestra

Dresden Residence ConcertsThe first concert took place on 5th April 2013. Therefore, the Dresden Residence Orchestra celebrates its 5th birthday this year. As of 5th April 2018, an anniversary week took place. While this week there were many fantastic musicians who presented some very famous compositions of classical composer like Mozart or Vivaldi.

It would be our pleasure to give you further information about the Dresden Residence Orchestra, guidance as to how incorporate it best within the itinerary of your Dresden city tour or the booking process of the best seats available itself. We are looking forward to your request!

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