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Schinkel in Berlin and Potsdam

Karl Friedrich Schinkel is one of the most important german architects. He was a successfull urban planner and construction manager. Schinkel was also a well- known painter and he was famous for his stage decorations. It is important to know that Karl Friedrich Schinkel adjusted his own imaginations to the time. Especially in his hometown Berlin and in Potsdam he had a high influence.

Schinkel in Berlin and Potsdam


Alte Nationalgalerie in BerlinAny tour guide worth their salt – and ours certainly are – would be hard pressed to lead a tour of Berlin without saying “In jedem Winkel steht ein Schinkel” (literally “There’s a Schinkel in every corner”). Many buildings designed by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel continue to adorn central Berlin to this day, the most famous being his concert house on Gendarmenmarkt, the Neue Wache, the Schlossbrücke and the Altes Museum.

The latter is regarded as one of the most outstanding buildings of the Neoclassical era – a must for any tour! The museum houses the Coin Collection and the Antique Collection, both of which provide the exhibits for a fascinating permanent exhibition on the art and culture of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans.

There are also plenty of opportunities to discover the work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel outside of Berlin itself. You might decide to visit the Schinkel-designed Charlottenhof and Babelsberg palaces, explore Pomona Temple next to the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg or marvel at the Church of St. Nicholas in central Potsdam.

Another Schinkel highlight comes in the shape of the National Monument on Kreuzberg hill, which towers 66 metres above the well-known district of the same name.

Turning our eyes toward the future, we would like to mention the Schinkel School of Architecture at the heart of Berlin. The decision was recently taken to rebuild the school – including its historic façade – right next to Friedrichwerder Church. You can visit these buildings while a city trip to Berlin.


Many of the town’s buildings and parks are the work of either the architects Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff or the landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenné. The grounds and buildings at Sanssouci, the New Garden, the park and castle at Glienicke and Babelsberg Park are all unmissable!

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