Welcome to the miner and silver town Freiberg

Cathedral St. Marien © AugustusTours“Good luck“ and welcome to the miner and silver town Freiberg. During the 800 years of mining silver and ore this salutation resounded all over the town and is still being used today when greeting visitors. Freiberg was founded in 1168 and the rich silver mines turned it into one of Germany´s most wealthy cities. These centuries have left their mark as even today mining traditions and its customs are firmly embedded in the city and are made come alive for citizens and visitors alike during various annual festivities such as the parades of the minors and ironworker guilds.

This and more we would like to entrust to you an excursion during your city trip to Dresden. Freiberg promises a history-charged city with all kinds of sights and unique events. Join us to get more inspiration for your excursion to Freiberg – the gate to the Ore Mountains.

Sights of Freiberg

Fountain at the market sqare of Freiberg © AugustusTours

A sightseeing tour will take you into the protected historic city centre of Freiberg. It presents late medieval bourgeois houses with richly ornamented portals referring to the prosperous time of mining. The venerable old town consists of two parts: The medieval Upper Market is one of the most beautiful market places in Germany with late Gothic patrician houses and an impressive town hall. Furthermore, it is venue for several festivities, e.g. the miners´ parades or the traditional Christmas market. Lying 10 meters below you will find the Under Market which is being dominated by the cathedral St. Marien on its southwest side since the 16th century.

The cathedral St. Marien was originally built as a Romanesque basilica in 1180. It captures the visitors´ attention with a beautiful hall church and the breathtaking sound of the world famous Silbermann organ. It is the oldest preserved organ of the well-known organ builder Gottfried Silbermann and lures music lovers and organists from all over the world with its unique sound. It is played regularly during church services and concerts.

Known as a miner town, Freiberg provides you with a chance to follow history´s footsteps during a visit at the Freiberg exhibition mine. Discover 8 centuries of tradition and 1.000 lodes making this exhibition mine one of the biggest and oldest in all of Saxony. A total of 8.000 tons of silver were mined here thus giving Freiberg the name of Germany´s Silver City. The silver mine “Reiche Zeche” is a special treat on the outskirts of town. You will go down to a depth of 150 meters in a cage and will be amazed by exciting stories about the mine and its workers, as well as the road network that stretches out over 20 kilometers.

Another cultural highlight during your stay would be a visit at Freudenstein Castle. The four-winged construction is located in the heart of the old town and dates back to the 16th century. Its predecessor was erected around 1175/80 by margrave Otto the Rich as a measure to secure the town and the silver mines. After an extensive renovation it now accommodates the city archives of Freiberg and the most likely greatest collection of minerals worldwide, the terra mineralia.

Our recommendation for you excurcion to Freiberg

Visit the exhibition terra mineralia with its 3.500 minerals, precious jewels and rare meteorites that will take you on a trip around the world and stun you with its beauty.
Moulding on a house of Freiberg © AugustusTours

But an excursion to Freiberg has so much more to offer than sightseeing only. A variety of events and festivities like the Christmas market in Advent or the traditional “Bergstadtfest” will cast their spell on you with a welcoming atmosphere, a love for tradition and pleasant hosts. 

If you are interessted to add an excursion to Freiberg to your group tour programme, please feel free to contact us - We are happy to provide you with more information and an individual tour!

Cathedral St. Marien © AugustusTours
Fountain at the market sqare of Freiberg © AugustusTours
Moulding on a house of Freiberg © AugustusTours