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10 reasons to visit Germany

Have you ever thought of visiting Germany? This beautiful country has many famous attractions for visitors. Especially the combination of history, modernity and gorgeous landscapes makes Germany the perfect travel destination. Here you will find a first-class tourist infrastructure as well as a wide range of accommodation and a large variety of food and drinks. Moreover, prices in Germany are often more favourable than in other European countries. We present you ten reasons why you should travel to Germany.

Our Top 10 why you should travel to Germany

1. The Germans like to celebrate and there are plenty of occasions to do so. The Oktoberfest, Carnival, Christmas markets and countless regional big and small festivities invite to join in the celebrations all year round. During a festive tour you can experience some famous Christmas markets in Germany up close.

2. Germany, the home of Bach and Beethoven, Dürer and Liebermann offers about 300 theatres and more than 600 art museums. Travellers particularly interested in culture can discover numerous famous cultural treasures during a music tour or a cultural tour.

Schloss Pillnitz Bergpalais web c AT3. Germany is divided into 16 federal states. In each of them there are different culinary peculiarities that are worth discovering. In Bavaria, for example, people like dumpling, Weißwurst (literally: white sausage) and Schnitzel. In the regions of the Baltic and North Sea you will find a variety of seafood dishes. The range of desserts and sweets is apparently endless. And only the many types of beer… On our round trip Culinary Germany you can taste such specialities and many more.

4. In Germany you can visit many castles and palaces that bear witness to great historical episodes. All architectural styles of the last centuries are represented. The beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is surely the most famous one. In Saxony you have the opportunity to visit the Pillnitz Castle in Dresden or the Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul during the cultural tour Palaces and Gardens in Saxony.

5. Modern German cities offer a variety of music, shopping and nightlife. The capital of Germany Berlin with its almost 4 million inhabitants is considered one of the most exciting cities in Europe. On a city tour to Berlin you get an overview and can dwell on the city’s atmosphere.

Traditionszug bei Friedewald Loessnitzgrundbahn 99539 web c AugustusTours 6. Germany is beautiful. The landscapes in Germany are highly diverse. The Harz Mountains in Central Germany or the Black Forest in Southern Germany are two examples of the variety of spectacular nature. A ride on a historical steam train combines the enjoyment of the beautiful landscapes with the experience of technical monuments. You are a enthusiast of steam trains, you should not miss such a train ride. So take a look at our Steam Train tours.

7. Over thousands of years, rivers like the Danube, the Rhine, the Elbe or the Moselle have created a unique and beautiful landscape. These wild rivers offer opportunities for everyone to escape from everyday life. A river cruise is the perfect way to relax and to calm down.

8. Germany has a lot to offer. You can visit big cities with their famous sights and you have also the opportunity to see the beautiful German landscape. But that’s not all. Germany is the perfect starting point to see even more of Europe. During our round trip Berlin-Dresden-Prague you could combine your travel to Germany with a stay in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

Martin Luther vor Frauenkirche Dresden quer web c AugustusTours Verena Riedel9. Germany is the most populous country in Europe. Accompanying this, there is a great wealth of traditions and dialects, some even quite peculiar. You can discover and experience all this on our city tours. You can get an insight into Bavarian culture and traditions during a city tour to Munich. On a travel to a Saxony’s city such as Dresden or Leipzig you learn more about the Saxon culture and traditions.

10. There are 44 official UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany (last updated: July 2018). This is an indication of a rich cultural and historical legacy. Take a look at our Cultural tours and our Reformation tours, which offer you the possibility to discover some of the German UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Bauhaus in Dessau or the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach.

Pillnitz Castle © AugustusTours
Traditional train of the Lößnitzgrund Railway © AugustusTours
Martin Luther and the Church Of Our Lady, Dresden © AugustusTours