Why book a group tour to Thuringia?

In case you are still wondering about whether or not to organize your next group tour to Thuringia, we have come up with some attractive and convincing arguments for this unique experience. Even the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was enchanted by the region and summed up his fascination for Thuringia with the words “Where do you still find so much kindness in one spot?”

Reasons for taking a group tour to Thuringia

You might already be familiar with city names like Erfurt, Weimar and Eisenach, turning Thuringia into one of the most popular and attractive destinations for city trips in Germany. But also cities such as Apolda, Gotha, Rudolstadt, Saalfeld and many more have plenty to offer when it comes to history, architecture and culture. Find out more about the most impressive and outstanding cities of Thuringia. It may be one of the smaller states at the heart of Germany, yet its wealth of highlights makes it a fascinating destination for a Group Tour. Over the course of its history, the region has witnessed the development of religious movements, musical styles, literary thought and unique cultural highlights.

One option to organize a group tour to Thuringia with AugustusTours is to book a city tour to Weimar. You can also opt for one of our special interest tours with topics like Martin Luther or Johann Sebastian Bach. We are looking forward to create a tailor-made proposal for your next cultural or Advent tour to Thuringia. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal!

Thuringia Bürgel porcelain © Thüringer Tourismus GmbH
National theatre Weimar © Tourist Information Weimar
Cloister of St. Augustine’s © AugustusTours
Belverde Castle © Maik Schuck, Weimar GmbH
Golden Aue © Karl Heinz Liebisch, pixelio.de
Christmas market Weimar © Maik Schuck, Weimar GmbH