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Harz Mountains from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg


Travel time
7 days/ 6 nights
Travel period
01.04.2022 - 31.10.2022
Day(s) of arrival
Bookable from
1 person(s)
Total length of tour
55 km
Characteristics of the tour
Level of difficulty: easy – averagePlace-to-place tourAugustusTours Original Tour (organized by AugustusTours)Travel with dog
  • Hikers in the Forest
    Image source: Robert Michalk Photography

  • Quedlinburg town hall
    Image source: Rico Kreim, Touristinformation Quedlinburg

  • Wernigerode castle

  • Half-timbered houses

  • Hiking signposts in the Harz Mountains

  • Peak of the Brocken in the Harz Mountains
    Image source: TV Harz

  • Train station at the Brocken mountain

What to expect

One of the most beautiful and popular hiking regions – the Harz Mountains – is located right in the middle of Germany. Famous medieval towns with half-timbered houses as e.g. Quedlinburg, Wernigerode and Goslar make a fascinating cultural contrast to the mystic forests in the "green heart of Germany" as the Harz Mountains are called as well.

One of the most famous hiking trails of the Harz region is the Harz Witches Trail that winds 100 kilometres on old trade trails through the upper Harz region. Get to know the Eastern part of the Harz Witches Trail while undertaking this versatile and promising hiking tour from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg.

Right at the beginning of your walking holidays, the colourful town of Wernigerode awaits you. Furthermore, you will be excited taking a ride with the venerable Harz narrow-gauge railway up to the Brocken Mountain. On all stages of your hike in the Harz National Park, you get to enjoy the view on blooming mountain meadows and natural forests. Your travel destination is the UNESCO World Heritage City of Quedlinburg.

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.

Travel description as PDF

Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
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Detailed tour description

Day 1: Individual journey to Wernigerode
After arrival, you can stroll around the contorted alleys of Wernigerode. Small half-timbered houses, one of Germany’s most beautiful town halls and a castle above the city wait to be explored by you. Via narrow-gauge railway, you reach castle hill very comfortably (costs not included). From here, you can enjoy the magnificent view over town.

Day 2: Brocken Mountain – Schierke (approx. 10 km, walking time: approx. 3 hrs)
Today’s initial highlight is the ride with the Harz narrow-gauge railway with its nostalgic charm. If the weather is good, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the countryside from the highest mountain of Northern Germany. Alighting the Brocken on Harz Witches Trail slowly, you pass the granite rock formation Trudenstein and experience beautiful sight.

Day 3: Schierke – Rübeland (approx. 21 km, walking time: approx. 6 hrs)
Today’s hiking stage through the Harz Mountains takes you downhill to Könighshütter Waterfall. Now, you encounter the Bode creek and new scenery appears – limestone mining above ground, which is still operated today. You can enjoy a magnificent view of today’s stage designation Rübeland from viewpoint Hoher Kleef. Later on you should not miss out on Rübeland’s worth seeing limestone caves.

Day 4: Rübeland – Altenbrak (approx. 15 km, walking time: approx. 4,5 hrs)
In today’s section of the Harz Witches Trail you wander along idyllic forest – and meadow paths through the area of "old mining" with its numerous geological features. You walk along the Bode river following small, wide and high paths. Passing the dam in Wendefurth, you will reach the first foothills of the beautiful Bodetal.

Day 5: Altenbrak – Thale (approx. 14 km, walking time: approx. 4 hrs) and train ride from Thale to Quedlinburg
On your last day of your hiking journey through the Harz Mountains, you wander through the "Grand Canyon of Germany" – the Bodetal – with its towering granite rocks. While wandering on narrow paths, you will be delighted by unique rock ravines. Via devil’s bridge, you reach Thale where you will spend the night. It is especially known for its the legendary fairy ring and striking granite rock of Rosstrappe – both to be reached easily via cable car (costs not included). Within minutes you reach Quedlinburg via train.

Day 6: Stay in Quedlinburg
Stroll through the alleys and be delighted by numerous artistic and rustic half-timbered houses. Especially worth seeing is the Romanesque monastery church St. Servatius on castle hill – one of the most meaningful buildings of the Romantic period – and the town’s historic district with its pretty town hall. You will spend the night in this UNESCO World Heritage City.

Day 7: Individual departure
After a delicious breakfast and with lots of wonderful memories about Wernigerode, Quedlinburg and your hiking tours through the Harz Mountains, you will start your journey back home. Please feel free to ask us for spending some additional nights in Wernigerode, Quedlinburg or other towns along the Harz Witches Trail from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg.

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.


Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
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Services included

  • Welcome surprise
  • 6x overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses with 3-star-standard
  • 6x continental breakfast
  • Train ticket from Thale to Quedlinburg
  • Luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation during your walking tours
  • GPS data on request
  • 1 package with maps and information material per room (in English language)
  • 24-hours-service-hotline during your walking holidays

Bookable value-added services for the walking tour Wernigerode – Quedlinburg

Please feel free to add the following value-added services to the basic travel package to personalize your walking holidays from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg:

  • Additional nights at every overnight location according to the tour description
  • Transfer services from Quedlinburg to Wernigerode (more about our transfer services)
  • FlexPLUS: rebook or cancel up to 28 days before arrival without giving reasons (more about our FlexPLUS)

Prices of these value-added services are detailed under the tab "Quotes".

Further advice on this walking tour in the Harz Mountains

  • Please note that in certain cities along the walking route from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg compulsory city, tourist or occupancy taxes are required to be paid. Unless otherwise indicated, these taxes are not included in our prices and have to be paid directly to the hotel.

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.

Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prices for services included

incl. luggage transfer
Price validity: 01.04.2022 to 31.10.2022
569.00 € per person
719.00 € per person

Prices for additional nights

Dbl per night/person
Sgl per night/person
65.00 €
95.00 €
53.00 €
75.00 €
45.00 €
65.00 €
45.00 €
65.00 €
53.00 €
75.00 €
75.00 €
115.00 €

Prices for transfer services

Quedlinburg - Wernigerode (inclusive price 1 - 4 persons)
90.00 €
Quedlinburg - Wernigerode (inclusive price 5 - 7 persons)
110.00 €

Additional Services

FlexPLUS (rebook or cancel up to 28 days before arrival)
39.00 (DZ), €39.00 € (EZ) per person


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Booking or enquiry options

Here you can book or enquire the tour Harz Mountains from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg as well as request our call-back service. How would you like to proceed?


Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
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Travel data
Harz Mountains from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg
7 days/ 6 nights
01.04.2022 - 31.10.2022
29.09.2022 - 02.10.2022

Dbl = double room

Sgl = single room

Tour ratings

Your tour feedback for "Harz Mountains: Wernigerode – Quedlinburg"

Tour impressions from fellow travellers

1 Tour ratings
written by Robert & Barbara Booth
Tour was interesting and enjoyable and we are pleased to have done it. Overall everything went well even though we could not stay in Drei Annen Hohne or Altenbrak. (Schierke and Treseburg instead).
Some of the hotel rooms were very small and at the top of the building and one had no curtains! (We changed this room). 2 hotels did not understand that visitor's tax was already paid and tried to charge us.
The travel documents were generally fine but a bit confusing sometimes- it would be better to start each day on a new page. Including town plans was useful but it would have been worthwhile to mark the position of the hotels on the town plans.
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More information about our walking holidays in the Harz Mountains

Map of our German hiking regions where AugustusTours organizes walking holidays

In the footsteps of witches through the mystic Harz Mountains!

Smack-bang in the middle of Germany one can find one of the most famous hiking regions of Germany: the Harz Mountains. The Harz National Park stretches over 10 percent of the total area of the Harz Mountains and encircles the 1,141 meter high Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany. Across the states of Lower Saxony and Saxony Anhalt a primeval forest has emerged again.

The magic of the Harz National Park lies hidden in the "Green heart of Germany" for you to discover. Rugged granite cliffs, mountain pines, misty moors and deep valleys with babbling brooks are some of the characteristics of the Harz Mountains. Hiking and mountain bike trails wind through dense forests and lead to high mountain peaks. Rivers and lakes provide ideal places to cool down on hot summer days. 

Further information about the Harz Witches' Trail

One of the most famous hiking trails in the Harz Mountains is the Harz Witches' Trail (Harzer Hexen Stieg), which winds 100 kilometres (approx. 60 miles) on old trade trails through the upper Harz region. The Harz Witches' Trail is generally well signposted with a white symbol of a witch, painted on painted on tree trunks or indicated on signs. For the third time, the Harz Witches Trail has received the certificate "quality trail" by the German Hiking Association in 2014.

Logo of the most famous hiking trail in the Harz Mountains - the Harz Witches TrailThe Harz Witches Trail leads you from West to East, crossing the entire Harz Mountains. It starts in the medieval half-timbered town of Osterode, which lies between the barrier lake "Sösestausee", the mountain formation "Südharzer Karstgebirge" and the sunny valley "Lerbachtal" in the southern part of the Harz. Along the way, it furthermore passes the former mining region of the area and numerous ponds and ditches that belong to the so-called "Oberharzer Wasserregal". Moreover, the Harz Witches Trail leads hikers through upland moor, the preserved region of the Harz Mountains and even up to the highest mountain peak of the area – the "Brocken Mountain". Finally, the hiking trail finds it end in Thale, a town in Saxony-Anhalt, which is famous for its fairy ring and lovely Bodetal.

Famous cities of the Harz Mountains

  • Wernigerode can be the starting point of your walking holidays through the Harz Mountains. The often called "Bunte Stadt am Harz", which means "the colourful town in the Harz foothills", lies in the northern part of the Harz Mountains. Get to know the very special charms of this beautiful city: In an unparalleled fascination and variety, splendid timber-framed houses dating back to the 15th century compete for the observer's attention.
  • In Quedlinburg you will achieve the end of your walking holidays through the Harz Mountains. The 1,000-year-old town lies at the north-eastern edge of the Harz Mountains and presents a lively mix of past and future eras. The buildings of Romanesque, 1,300 half-timbered houses and villas of the early days of Art Nouveau, tell the history and culture of bygone eras. To contrast this architecture is a young and fascinating unique ambience; of the art scene.

More information about our walking holidays

Since 2007 we have been offering walking holidays as self-guided tours in English language and thereby have gained a lot of experience with foreign travellers. If you are interested in booking a hiking tour in the Harz Mountains we would be glad to become your travel partner! All you need to worry about are arrival, departure and a good pair of hiking boots – the entire rest you can leave up to us!

We will organise the reservation of your hotels, the transport of your luggage and if necessary lunch packages, transfers or further services. If you want to know more about our walking holidays in general or get more details information about our hiking tours in the Harz Mountains, please feel free to contact us!

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