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Forest fire in Saxon Switzerland: Are you currently on a hiking trip with us in Saxon Switzerland? As you have certainly learned on site and from the press, there were forest fires in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. Here you will find all the latest information: Please note our advice regarding affected hiking stages and our alternative suggestions. We continue to keep an eye on the situation and are always available to answer your questions. Off to a hiking holiday in Germany's most beautiful Switzerland!

One big request remains: With rising temperatures, the risk of forest fires also increases. Please be careful and mindful. Fires are not allowed in the forest! Thank you! 💚

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Short hiking tour along the Malerweg trail Part 1


Travel time
6 days/ 5 nights
Travel period
01.04.2022 - 31.10.2022
Day(s) of arrival
Bookable from
1 person(s)
Total length of tour
60 km
Characteristics of the tour
Level of difficulty: averagePlace-to-place tourAugustusTours Original Tour (organized by AugustusTours)
  • The Bastei Rock Bridge
    Image source: Sylvio Dittrich

  • Scenery of the Elbe Sandtone Mountains, view from the Bastei Rock

  • Break during the hike

  • View onto the Schrammsteine Mountains

  • Hikers in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains
    Image source: Robert Michalk Photography

What to expect

The rather small, but therefore very famous Elbe Sandstone Mountains are located in the far East of Germany. There, just a glimpse away from Saxony’s capitol Dresden, you can immerge into a magic world of impressive rock formations, deep valleys, historical fortresses and the river landscape of the Elbe River. The unique rock formations of Elbe Sandstone Mountains have been fascinating people from all over the world at all times. There, poets and painters once found inspiration and a counterpart to turbulent city life.

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail, marked with a significant "M", is 112 km long and follows the tracks of romantic artists. It allows you to discover diverse hiking tracks along bizarre rock formations of Saxon Switzerland.

Taking part in this short hiking tour, you explore the first part of the Malerweg trail between Pirna and Bad Schandau, which is located on the right side of the Elbe. You may continue your tour and hike the second part of the Malerweg trail with us at a later time – we look forward to seeing you!

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.

Travel description as PDF

Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Detailed tour description

Please note that the routes indicated in the itinerary are the hiking stages only. The places of accommodation may differ from the starting and finishing points of the hikes.

Day 1: Individual arrival at Dresden/Pirna
On the arrival day of your short hiking tour along the Malerweg, we recommend a walk through Dresden, with its many alleys and numerous sights.

Day 2: Dresden/Pirna-Liebethal – Wehlen/Rathen (approx. 12/17 km, walking time: approx. 4/5.5 hrs, + 310/390 m, - 330/425 m)
In the morning you take the S-Bahn and bus to Pirna-Liebethal (duration approx. 1h). From here you start your first hike: The Liebethaler Grund is also called the gateway to Saxon Switzerland and is therefore the ideal starting point for your short hiking tour along the Malerweg. The pretty resort town of Stadt Wehlen awaits you at the end of today's hike.

Day 3: Wehlen/Rathen – Hohnstein (approx. 13/8 km, walking time: approx. 5/3.5 hrs, + 480/255 m, - 400/175 m) Right at the beginning of your second hike you will experience a special highlight of Saxon Switzerland: the Bastei Bridge. It forms the connection between the Bastei and the rock castle of Neurathen. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Saxon Switzerland. After descending into the Amselgrund, where you can take a short boat trip, you reach the Hockstein, from where there are exciting views of the lower Polenztal valley. Through the Wolfschlucht gorge, past the Polenztal valley and the Schindergraben ditch, you reach Hohnstein, your destination for today's stage.

Day 4: Hohnstein – Kirnitzschtal (approx. 15 km, walking time: approx. 6 hrs, + 600 m, - 520 m)
The phenomenal panoramic view at Brand viewpoint – also known as balcony of Saxon Switzerland – is the highlight of today’s hike on Malerweg trail. After taking a break and enjoying the view, you continue your way down into Kirnitzschtal valley walking down 800 steps. Via Waitzdorf and Altendorf you hike to the end of the stage in the Kirnitzschtal. Here you can take the bus/the Kirnitzschtalbahn (extra cost) to your hotel in Bad Schandau or walk the further 3 km.

Day 5: Kirnitzschtal – Schrammsteine – Neumannmühle (approx. 17 km, walking time: 6.5 hrs, + 700 m, - 755 m)

Take the bus/the Kirnitzschtalbahn to the Ostrau Mühle, the start of your last stage on the Malerweg. You hike directly uphill to the Schrammsteinaussicht and along the ridge path through the Schrammstein massif. Passing the Great and Small Cathedral, you reach the Affenstein Trail, which leads you to the Lichtenhain Waterfall. After the Kuhstall, you reach the technical monument Neumannmühle. Your short hiking tour already ends at the Neumannmühle, because from here you take the public bus to Bad Schandau.

Day 6: Individual departure
After an unforgettable hiking holiday at the Malerweg you start your return journey today. Or you can extend your short hiking tour with an additional night in Saxon Switzerland. However, you can also extend your short walking tour in the baroque city of Dresden and enjoy some of the cultural delicacies the capitol of Saxony has to offer. With pleasure, we will book additional overnight stays in Dresden, Pirna or other towns along the first part of Malerweg trail for you – simply let us know!

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.


Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Services included

  • Welcome surprise
  • 5 x overnight stay in hotels and guesthouses with 3-star standard
  • 5 x continental breakfast
  • Luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation during your walking tours
  • GPS data on request
  • 1 package with maps and information material per room (in English language)
  • 24-hours-service-hotline during your walking holidays

Bookable value-added services for these walking holidays along Malerweg trail

Please feel free to add the following value-added services to the basic travel package to personalize your short hiking tour along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail: 

  • Additional nights in Dresden or Bad Schandau
  • FlexPLUS: rebook or cancel up to 28 days before arrival without giving reasons (more about our FlexPLUS)

Prices of these value-added services are detailed under the tab "Quotes".

Further advice on the hiking tours along the Malerweg trail

Please note that in certain cities along the Elbe Sanstone Mountains Malerweg trail compulsory city, tourist or occupancy taxes may be required to be paid. Unless otherwise indicated, the taxes are not included in our prices and have to be paid directly to the hotel.

This walking trip is not recommendable for travellers with mobility impairments.

Contact person

Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Prices for services included

incl. luggage transfer
Price validity: 01.04.2022 to 31.10.2022
449.00 € per person
609.00 € per person

Prices for additional nights

Dbl per night/person
Sgl per night/person
65.00 €
90.00 €
Bad Schandau
65.00 €
90.00 €

Additional Services

FlexPLUS (rebook or cancel up to 28 days before arrival)
39.00 (DZ), €39.00 € (EZ) per person


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Booking or enquiry options

Here you can book or enquire the tour Short hiking tour along the Malerweg trail Part 1 as well as request our call-back service. How would you like to proceed?


Team AugustusToursTeam AugustusTours
0351 - 563 48 20
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Travel data
Short hiking tour along the Malerweg trail Part 1
6 days/ 5 nights
01.04.2022 - 31.10.2022

Dbl = double room

Sgl = single room

Tour ratings

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Tour impressions from fellow travellers

3 Tour ratings
written by Torben Munk Damgaard
Great area. Well organized tour. Friendly people. What do you want more?
written by Monika
Highly recommendations!
written by Sophie Lagarde
The landscape are amazing, the signs are easy to follow, and the hotel staffs are very friendly. I advise you to go to see the Schrammsteine view.
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