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Luggage Transfer

Our service around your luggage

Thomas Klare beim Gepäcktransport

People with light baggage get through life best.

Jakob Bosshart

We want your active trip with AugustusTours to be unforgettable. Not only good weather, beautiful accommodations and wonderful nature are part of it, but also a complete luggage.

So that you can enjoy your active trip in a carefree way, we offer you our reliable luggage transport service on all tours. So you can enjoy your active tours with light day luggage. We make sure that your luggage awaits you at the destination hotel every day.

Transporter von AugustusTours für Gepäcktransport

Our luggage transport service

Carefree cycling also means not to burden yourself and your own (rental) bike unnecessarily with luggage. Therefore, use our luggage transport service and enjoy your bike tours without luggage! Our luggage transport service includes:

  • Luggage drop-off with completed luggage tags at the reception by 9 a.m.
  • Provision at the reception in the next accommodation until 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. at the latest (depending on the trip)
  • Please note the maximum weight: 20 kilograms per piece of luggage - this makes our drivers very happy, thank you. (Deviations are possible for our partner tours.)
  • With your personal travel documents you will receive luggage tags, depending on the trip 1 to 2 pieces per person. Please attach them to your suitcases so that each piece of luggage can be assigned correctly.

On the day of your last cycling stage, our luggage transport service ends at the destination hotel. If you have booked additional nights at the end of the tour or a transfer, you are responsible for your own transport.

How much luggage can I take on the trip?

Only take as much luggage with you as you can carry yourself (max. 20 kg per piece of luggage). Our luggage service goes from reception to reception, i.e. you take your suitcases to your room yourself. Please bear in mind that not all accommodation has lifts.

Please understand that we must adhere to the limit of 20 kg per item of luggage to protect our carriers! We would be very grateful if you would bear the weight limit in mind when packing - thank you very much!

Is special or bulky baggage also transported?

Travelling with a child or dog?

If it is necessary to carry special and/or bulky baggage (e.g. pushchair/buggy or dog crate), please let us know before you start your journey so that we can check whether you can take it with you. We will need the dimensions and weight of the item in question. This must also be provided with a completed luggage tag during the journey.

Is it possible to book a trip without luggage transport?

Daily luggage transport is already included in our advertised active tours. If you would like to transport your luggage yourself, you will receive a discount on the tour price. Simply select "without luggage transport" when booking.

Thomas Klare beim Einladen der Koffer

What should definitely be in the luggage?

So that you do not forget anything for your active trip, we have thought about what should not be missing in your luggage or what things you should think about during your travel preparations...

Extract from our checklist for your active trip

You should definitely pack this in your luggage:

  • Maps and information material for your active tours
  • Tickets, other travel documents
  • Camera and accessories
  • Wet wipes (to clean your hands on the way)
  • Headgear (preferably water-repellent) and breathable wind and rain gear
  • Sturdy, well-worn shoes
  • Sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, after sun cream)
  • Addresses and important telephone numbers
  • ...

... But there are many more things you should think about. Here you will find our packing lists.

We hope you enjoy preparing your active trip with AugustusTours!

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