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Sustainability at AugustusTours

A matter of course for us!

For many years now, we have been taking care to treat our environment responsibly and are constantly endeavouring to reduce our footprint. We use resources sparingly and are committed to our environment and social projects. We provide training and operate with a view to the future. As part of our environmental pledge, we are committed to consistently complying with jointly defined measures and thus making a contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Environmentally aware in the office

We take care to use resources sparingly in our everyday office life. We reduce our paper consumption on a daily basis through ongoing digitalization. We buy regionally and make our purchases and new acquisitions with environmental compatibility in mind. We pay attention to environmental labels such as EnergyStar or the Blue Angel. Our offices are powered by green electricity and our office bike "Flitzi" is available for rides outside the door.

Climate-friendly travel offers

"Why wander into the distance when the good is so close ..." (Goethe) Our guests can get to know our diverse Germany and our neighboring countries by cycling and hiking in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. Support us and book a vacation in Germany to strengthen the regional tourism industry. Protect and appreciate nature during your trip. Consciously try regional products. Travel by train instead of by car. Use our digital travel documents. Thank you very much.

Employee loyalty

Wir sind ein junges, fröhliches und aufgeschlossenes Team. Uns liegt das Wohl aller MitarbeiterInnen sehr am Herzen - gratis Getränke, ergonomische Arbeitsplätze, jährliche Sportkurse, flexible Arbeitszeiten oder regelmäßige Teamevents gehören bei uns dazu wie das gemeinsame Feiern von kleinen und großen Erfolgen. Wir bilden aus und schulen regelmäßig unsere MitarbeiterInnen. Als Team arbeiten wir gemeinsam an der Umsetzung unserer festgelegten Maßnahmen zum Umweltschutz und zur Nachhaltigkeit.

Social commitment

We support regional projects, e.g. to promote the environment and education in the form of monetary or material donations. We donate €1.00 per traveler from the proceeds of your booking to the Naturschutzjugend Dresden. Read more about our social commitment here.

"Hand in hand"

We support and help shape the regional tourism industry. We are a member of various tourism associations. We are in constant contact with our service partners, such as accommodation and transport companies.

ServiceQuality Germany

According to the motto "If you have stopped improving, you have stopped being good", we have had the quality of our service checked since 2003 in accordance with the guidelines of the ServiceQualität Deutschland initiative. Find out more here...