Concert events in Thuringia

Besides the Thuringian Bach weeks, the Federal State offers a variety of other premium concerts on a regular basis. In the following, we have compiled some of the most popular for you. While staying in Thuringia for your music themed trip, have a look at its historical sites such as the house of Bach and the baptistery of Eisenach or its capital Erfurt where you can wander along the footprints of the famous reformer Martin Luther.

Unforgettable concerts during the Thuringian weeks of Bach

Violin at a concert event of the Bach Festival in Thuringia © M. Gapfel, pixelio.deEvery year during spring, different artists perform high-class compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach in various venues right in the middle of Germany. Those weeks in honour of Bach are especially worth for fans of baroque music as there are going to be national and international artists performing various pieces by Bach, Mendelssohn or Telemann.

Other music festivals in Thuringia

Days of Central German baroque music

unMittelBARrock! – For more than 20 years, historical roots and traditions of music have been promoted in alternating cities in Central Germany each year. This baroque festival hosts various artists who perform melodious music in delighting interpretations. Every year since 1995, the hearts of many music lovers have been filled with joy in various unique and authentic locations in the middle of Germany.

Liszt Biennale Thuringia - Festival to honour composer Franz Liszt

Music summer in the ballroom of the Wartburg Thuringia © Fotothek der Wartburg Stiftung Eisenach

The festival offers impressive music performances with different themes every other year. Spectacular venues will be various Thuringian theatres and authentic sites, such as the ballroom of the Wartburg, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Erfurt and Weimar’s City Palace.

DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt (Erfurt Cathedral Festival)

For more than 20 years, the THEATER ERFURT (Erfurt theatre company) has performed a different opera at the beautiful Cathedral Square every year in summer. Being located right in front of themagnificent 700 year-old St. Severi Church and the Marien Cathedral, the open-air spectacle offers an incredible setting to hundreds of thousands of visitors, who enjoy perhaps the most beautiful open-air stage in Thuringia.

Thuringian Organ Summer Festival

The Erfurt Cathedral © AugustusTours

Approximately 2000 organs can be found in the Land of Thuringia – the majority of them are dated back to the baroque period. In order to finance their protection, the Thuringian Organ Summer Festival was started in 1992. That series of concerts can be enjoyed in the frame of summer concerts all over Thuringia every year. Some of them can even be experienced at night or open-air.

Güldener Herbst (Golden Autumn - Festival of ancient music)

The festival “Güldener Herbst” has taken place in Thuringia since 1999. Each year, the theme of the festival alternates. Wonderful music pieces which had fallen into oblivion in Thuringian archives sound again enjoyably in authentic venues. 

Concert event with the orchestra © Paul Georg Meister,

Please feel free to contact us concerning any further information on additional concerts, concert programmes or precise dates regarding introduced events. We would be very pleased to create a suitable offer for your cultural trip including visits to events and appealing city tours to the cultural strongholds in Thuringia. In addition, please note e.g. our trip suggestions to Erfurt, Weimar or Eisenach.

Violin at a concert event of the Bach Festival in Thuringia © M. Gapfel,
Music summer in the ballroom of the Wartburg Thuringia © Fotothek der Wartburg Stiftung Eisenach
Erfurt Cathedral © AugustusTours
Concert event with the orchestra © Paul Georg Meister,