The most beautiful castles, parks and gardens in Baden-Württemberg

No other state in Germany is defined by such a variety of unique castles and fortresses as well as parks and gardens: Baden-Württemberg, however, offers its visitors an inimitable variety. Culture lovers and people who simply favour nature and a relaxing trip into the green countryside, both can find what their hearts desire.

Baden-Württemberg’s most beautiful castles, parks and gardens

In the following we will introduce the most stunning cultural sights, gardens and parks to you, which you should definitely not miss on your cultural tour to Baden-Württemberg.

The Castle of Ludwigsburg and Flourishing Baroque

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbHThe residential palace in Ludwigsburg is located approx. 15 kilometres from the state’s capital Stuttgart and counts to the largest baroque buildings in Europe. What might be most interesting for the visitors is the fact that the entire building has been preserved as the original and it is influenced by periods from baroque over rococo and even the classicism times. The spacious residence was build between 1704 and 1733 and even served temporarily as the capital of the duchy of Wuerttemberg. Even today, you can marvel at the original staterooms and clothing from the 18th till the 20th century.

Moreover, a walk through the connecting castle garden is highly recommendable. The Flourishing Baroque Ludwigsburg is known to be the oldest permanent garden show and fascinates numerous visitors with its wide spectrum of colours and splendour of plants each year. On the occasion of the castle’s 250th anniversary in 1954, the gardens were newly planned - following original baroque examples as well as newly interpreted baroque imaginations. The park areas measures 30 hectares and invites its visitors for extended walks. While walking through the park, visitors can experience the art of landscaping in its different epochs. Besides, each year in autumn the world’s largest pumpkin exhibition takes place in the castle garden. Furthermore, visitors can attend the street music festival over Whitsun weekend and fireworks with musical backdrop in the summer.

The Castle of Heidelberg

Heidelberg CastleProbably being the most famous German ruined castle and landmark of Heidelberg, the Castle of Heidelberg already characterises the city’s silhouette from far distance. The former Palatine residence is often associated as the symbol of a romantic castle by the visitors: ivy-cladded walls in front of a half decayed ruin… – Who does not dream away? Verifiably, already Mark Twain and Goethe were great admires of this castle ruin. However, also cultural lovers have their proper place there. Each day, numerous public tours are offered and visualise the castle’s history with its changing electorates and enable visitors to have a look into the still existing premises.

A visit to the Castle of Heidelberg can easily be integrated in your individual city tour to Heidelberg at all times. We are looking forward to implement your travel ideas jointly – simply contact us.

Luisenpark in Mannheim

We recommend the Luisenpark, a municipal park, to all nature lovers. The park’s first section was already opened for public in 1903. In the course of the years, more and more sections have been added – most recently the “Garden of numerous Views” in 2001. The latter resulted from cooperation with the partner city Zhenjiang in China and is one of today’s most appealing sights for visitors. The Chinese teahouse that is located in this garden is even the largest one in Europe. Another attraction is the pond “Kutzerweiher” which offers interested visitors the opportunity to go on a two kilometres round tour in a cable led boat called Gondoletta. You do not have to travel all the way to Venice in order to experience Italian charm. All the other remaining gardens within Luisenpark excite as well: Besides tropical flora in the plant display house, you can find aquariums, numerous different butterfly species and a farm with adjoining animal enclosures.

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle © Burg Hohenzollern GbRThe Hohenzollern Castle is still under the leadership of the Prussian royalty and one of the most significant castles in Baden-Württemberg. Its history can be traced back till the 11th century and is strongly connected with the formerly reigning Hohenzollern dynasty. Up until present, the castle complex includes two neighbouring chapels as well as a matching fortress garden. Thus, it is a very attractive excursion destination for all culturally and historically interested people. You can take a look into the interiors of the fortress as there are daily tours offered. Furthermore, a walk through the associated outside area is definitely worth the time.

Botanical Garden in Karlsruhe

The botanical garden in Karlsruhe is a true paradise for lovers of architecture and nature. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and be delighted by seldom and exotic flora and historic greenhouses. The buildings have already been designed by 1853 and give the garden area a very unique flair. Recommendable is the conservatory, which got destroyed in World War II. It was, however, rebuild without glazing, nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful locations in the garden as it features decorative front pieces.

Did we arouse your interest? We would love to advise and support you with the organisation of your individual group tour to Baden-Württemberg. Also, have a look at our tour to Charming Taubertal Valley or at our group tour suggestion to the Black Forest. Additionally, we would enjoy planning an excursion for you to the most beautiful fortresses, castles, parks and gardens in Baden-Württemberg. We are looking forward to your request!

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
Heidelberg Castle © AugustusTours
Hohenzollern Castle © Burg Hohenzollern GbR